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Monroe county FLORIDA early re-entry Placard Program

Monroe Emergency Reserve Corps, Inc., is the volunteer non-profit organization that works directly with Monroe County’s Office of Emergency Management (MCEM). MERC organizes all training necessary for Monroe County Florida Residents to receive an early Re-Entry Placard to return  into the Florida Keys earlier than non-trained residents, should an evacuation and re-entry checkpoints be necessary. 

Individuals who wish to participate in this volunteer program will, upon completion of all courses, receive the Monroe County early Re-Entry Placard to grant early access to return to your Key after the ordered evacuation.  

Monroe County Florida Residents are not required to have an early Re-Entry Placard to return to their homes, they will just return at a later date then the early re-entry tier call.      

Early Re-Entry Placards are issued June 1st and expire May 31st and coincide with our Atlantic hurricane season. All Existing resident early Re-Entry Placard holders require additional training to for the 2019 Season to renew.      

 It is recognized that there are Placard holders who wish to not only to return early, they also wish volunteer their time and service to help their community recover after such incident/disaster ie…. “practice the spirit of the CERT program” which is where the Monroe Emergency Reserve Corps, Inc., becomes the responsible organization to oversee the CERT program. This allows for an organized manner for Monroe County Emergency Management (MCEM)  to communicate and maintain consistency, training and team management which follows the structured ICS and  is in Partnership with the MERC Organization. All CERT teams must have a governmental sponsor and are not allowed/recognized without a sponsor and the MCEM sponsors the  MERC – CERT Teams.

If you are a resident looking to obtain an early Re-Entry placard please click here.

If you are a Business looking to obtain the Business placard can apply here deadline May 1 

If you currently hold a 2018 early Re-Entry placard and are looking to renew for 2019 (after May 18, 2019)



monroe county FL color coded re-entry windshield sticker

Windshield Stickers are for All Residents

All Monroe County Florida residents should have the color-coded re-entry windshield stickers whether you have an early Re-Entry Placard.  These color-coded windshield stickers will be needed in the event checkpoints are required to assure safe re-entry into the Florida Keys following a destructive storm. These stickers are free and require no training.  Monroe County Residents will not be able to pass through re-entry checkpoints without a valid color-coded re-entry windshield sticker. 

Stickers are available at the Monroe County Sheriff’s substations or at the Department of Motor Vehicle/Driver License service centers. Residents can obtain one sticker for each registered vehicle by providing proof of residency: Florida driver’s license, utility bill, rental agreement, tax bill, etc.  Stickers are available year round and do not expire.

Those residents who do not obtain them in advance will be delayed and detoured to a location outside the checkpoint to verify information and obtain a re-entry sticker before reentering the County.   The stickers are color-coded for possible zone-by-zone re-entry.

color-coded windshield re-entry sticker
color-coded windshield re-entry sticker